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 Born Again Barns and Lumber Company

About Us

Born Again Barns And Lumber is one of the nation's premier woodworking companies. Have you always wanted to have custom furniture made? It's a myth that custom furniture is only for people with the time, budget, and connections necessary to work with a custom woodworker. Our team is thrilled to work on projects of all sizes for homeowners, small business owners, corporate clients, museums, universities, venues, local governments, and everything in the middle.

We believe that everybody deserves the quality and prestige of owning custom wood designs in their homes and businesses. In a world of ''fast'' furniture that falls apart almost as quickly as it's made, Born Again Barns And Lumber stands apart for putting quality and craftsmanship back at the forefront. We bring our all to every project from the very first step because we believe that there is beauty in bringing wood from the forest to your home with as little hassle as possible. After being logged, cut, milled, and dried, each slab that we put our claim on is crafted by hand to your exact specifications. Our finishing process offers unpresented precision because we're creating pieces that are intended to last a lifetime.

The Born Again Barns And Lumber team works from a 8,500-square-foot shop with an accompanying showroom offering access to both finished products and rough slabs for our clients to choose from. If you're located in another state, we can work with you virtually to create your dream piece before shipping it out to your location. As our head builder, Jeff has the unique talent of turning any tree into a


  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Floating Shelves
  • Custom Made River Tables
  • Mantels
  • Custom Furniture

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