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About Us

Karens Holistic provides Holistic Proactive Wellness Solutions. I am a certified sound healer and certified belief clearing practitioner. I work with clients to help them relax and their body to rejuvenate. I provide sound baths the sound of the beautiful instruments will wash over your body providing a vibrational bath of beautiful sounds that resonate throughout your body, tuning fork treatments for energetic alignment, chakra balancing and pain reduction, PEMF healing mats offering the earth healing frequency while lying on the mat, natures herbal remedies and internal body cleanses to replenish the body and its natural functions, therapeutic grade pure essential oils, InHarmony cushion a vibrotactile and vibroacoustical experience which brings the user to mediation very quickly, NeurOptimal® the only Dynamical Neurofeedback? brain training system to help create new paths of thought to live your optimal best performance, meridian stretching to stimulate all 12 lines corresponding with the organs, lymph node flow techniques to keep our body flowing freely, core strength and balance, food sensitivity and nutrient testing to understand what is good for your body, AO digital body scan measuring & optimizing frequencies in the body and last but not least, EMF detection service I bring a device to clients homes or places of business to help understand the volume of radiation exposure in the main gathering places, offices and bedrooms to make knowledgeable informed decisions to keep the ones you love safe from high radiation exposure.


  • Proactive Wellness Solutions
  • Sound and Vibrational Healing
  • Pain Reduction
  • Natural Healing and Remedies
  • EMF Detection Service

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