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The Penny's Purpose was founded in October 2019 by April Soulak-Andrews, as a heartfelt tribute to her late mother, Penny Soulak, who sadly passed away in July 2019 after a brief illness. Penny's life was marked by a deep commitment to giving, whether it was extending a helping hand to people or animals in need. Even in times when resources were limited, Penny always found a way to make a positive impact. This unwavering spirit inspired our mission statement, which is encapsulated by the phrase, "Learn to give, even when blessed with less."

During Penny's time in hospice care, a simple act of kindness touched her deeply. A family friend gifted her a warm and comforting blanket, which provided solace and comfort during her difficult journey. After Penny's passing, April found herself in need of warmth one day and reached for a blanket. It happened to be the same blanket that had once provided her mother with comfort, and now, it enveloped April and her husband, Bob, in a familiar embrace of warmth and solace. In that poignant moment, April felt a calling within her. She decided to channel her mother's love for blankets, combined with her innate generosity towards people and animals, into the creation of The Penny's Purpose.


  • Collecting blankets to donate
  • Collecting handmade blankets for those in need

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April A. Soulak-Andrews

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