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Visit our New Location on Toft Avenue in Downtown Antioch!

Leathers 4U began as a leather apparel store that catered to the local biker community. Did you know bikers raise more money for charities than any other group of people? I've met some wonderful folks through my 10 years.

It was shortly after 2014 that I began branching out, we do custom leather work for anyone! Tooling, customizing, repairs and alterations, not only on leather! We also create one of kind items, personalized for you or for your gift giving. We have actually taken a full length leather coat and created 10 various gifts out of it. Wallets, purses, cellphone cases, travel cases and even make-up bags.

We replace zippers , we do custom embroidery and have even replaced a seat on a camel saddle! I have a bunch of very unique thinking ladies that work for me and each one of us has our strong suits in the designing process. Creating items that will last through time, incorporating various media's with our leather products is also one of our unique techniques.

We offer leather classes for you and your friends as well, giving you a glimpse of what it is we do. You can create a bracelet, a bracelet cuff or a credit card carrier. We love one of kind, why buy what everyone else does when you can buy custom.

I have been in business for 10 years on the corner of 173 and 59 and we are extremely excited to be involved with the community now that we have moved downtown.

We are not just a store, we are an experience. Come on by and see what we can offer you in custom! If you can dream it we can make it.


Faux Fur Added to Leather Jacket
Reflective Embroidery
Custom Wallet
Jacket Restoration
Custom Painted Christmas Stocking
Custom Weighlifter Belt

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