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Town Planner puts you on display EVERY DAY right where people see and use you - in their home! This gives you top of mind awareness such that you are there when your customers are ready to act.

Town Planner is used nationwide in over 4.5 million homes. Research shows that nationally, 60-80% of homeowners keep and use our product usually hanging it in their kitchen. There is no reason Antioch should be any different!

You will be the EXCLUSIVE provider of your service when families and individuals are hungry and deciding where to eat or when they are in need of a professional who can help their situation - be it auto repair, insurance, legal advice, dental care, chiropractics etc...

The Town Planner gives you representation within YOUR local community by placing you in the middle of a household's communication center. Why do residents view this beautiful high touch, high gloss product so often? Because it has Community Resource Numbers, Web Sites and Information; Local Meetings, School Dates, Safety Tips, and Local Events that are preprinted for the entire year. Plus, there is plenty of room for the family to coordinate their individual events in a central location.

It is because of your sponsorship that they will get this valuable communication piece in their mail FREE of charge. Your membership in turn gets you seen and appreciated. For you, it is like placing a billboard in every home that keeps directing them to your services or your internet presence - and yours alone!

Contact Town Planner for a free review of your overall marketing plan.

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  • On Display Every Day!
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • EXCLUSIVITY for Ads and Coupons
  • Community Billboard of Events and Information
  • Top of Mind Awareness

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