Ursula Ahern: Senior Consultant, Ambit Energy



About Us

Helping homeowners and business owners pay less for their electricity and/or gas.
There are 2 ways to pay less for your utilities: USE LESS and PAY LESS for what you use.

In order to USE LESS you need to understand your usage and what you can do, if anything, to reduce your usage. Your home or business may only need a few tweaks or it may need a serious overhaul.

PAYING LESS is simple. Let's connect for a free 10 minute bill analysis. Let's see if Ambit can reduce the cost you pay for what you use. No obligation. Knowledge is power. I help you gain the knowledge you need to make the very best decision for your home and/or your business.

In addition to savings, perhaps you are interested in our free energy program? And, if the idea of an additional stream of income piques your interests, send me a private message.


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We have the power in our hands to do anything!
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